Terra EnviroNow's (TEN) Green Solution's cornerstone product is EnviroNow (EN).  

It's a liquid colony of naturally occurring, beneficial microorganisms, 
with limited human intervention.​ EN serves the environment as a 
dynamic Earth ProBiotic.  EN works entirely In-Situ, on, & deep 
below ground.  EN bolsters Mother Nature's immune system to 
dispatch environmental stresses caused by toxic spills, pollution, 
erosion, floods, drought, & forest fires. EN’s Solution speeds up 
Nature's innate abilities. EnviroNow catalyzes Nature to perform 
in weeks & months what typically takes years to accomplish using 
conventional methods.  

KINETICS           EN sparks native microbes to reproduce at 1000x times their natural rates, completing their work that much faster. 
SCALABLE          EN’s total colony population & the native microorganisms, grows to Trillions of Microorganisms, overtaking any contamination.
SUSTAINABLE     Long-term, repeating ROI. EN’s stable microorganisms don't deteriorate over time as with synthetic, lab-made, GMO microbes. 
ENRICHING         Applying EnviroNow to a contaminated site provides numerous beneficial microorganisms and their natural byproducts.
AFFORDABLE      Fraction of typical Costs. EN's efficient, In-Situ application eliminates expensive digging, hauling, land farming, & landfilling. 
GREEN                  EN is Eco-Friendly & Completely Safe for human handlers, wildlife, and YOUR total environment.